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What is a Fangsmith?


One who has studied and practiced the art thoroughly.  Only after an extensive apprenticeship and numerous hours of hands on experience is one deemed a fangsmith.  I have been making fangs since 1997.  I also trained with Father Vincent (Master Fangsmith NYC),  in 1999.  I have been deemed a Master Fangsmith by my peers.


What are they made of?

Dental Acrylic


If you are having fangs made, make sure you ask what the fangs are made of. Some untrained individuals are using fingernail acrylic to make fangs.

I have heard unconfirmed reports of at least two deaths due to this practice.


I only use high quality dental acrylic in my fangs.  It is the same material that is used to make dentures. 


Custom Fangs


My fangs can only be worn by the individual they are made for. Your fangs will not fit on another person's tooth.  They are held in place by suction and a perfect fit. Normally, adhesive is not necessary.  Only a small percentage of clients (less than 5 percent) need adhesive, due to unique nature of their teeth.


What you should & shouldn't do:


Enjoy your fangs for the years they will last you with proper care.  Drink all you like (not blood silly), just don't chew your ice.  Always keep your fangs in a case when not in your mouth.  I recommend a plastic contact case.  They also keep them separate so you don't put the right one on the wrong tooth.


With misuse you will be back to see me in no time.  Do not eat (food or people) with your fangs.  They are for esthetics and will break with significant pressure.  Do not sleep with your fangs in.  You may grind your teeth and break them or they may dislodge in your mouth and choke you.  Wouldn't that be ironic?

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